Looks like Monday Jan 13th in the evening is not a good time to do a HOA

evening as defined by 7pm – 9pm PST #ns  

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HANGOUT ON AIR NOTICE: On Monday, January 13 YouTube will undergo maintenance from 7pm-9pm PST.

During this time, you may not be able to initiate or end an HOA broadcast. Commenting and subscribing may also be impacted. Additionally, HOA video recordings may take longer than usual to process and become available.

Please try to plan your HOA schedule around this time period to avoid complications.

#KraftyCooking Live HOA – 5 Chefs share stories re

#KraftyCooking Live HOA – 5 Chefs share stories re. Live HOA shows

This is the video from our campaign today… the Live HOA show. It was presented in a Google Plus Event which has loads of great pictures added where we first invited all to view and interact. Here is the link to the Event: http://goo.gl/8aBcQV

Thanks to all that took part in our fun activity today on Google Plus. Because of you this was a fantastic success.

Here was the video we used as the promo for the event:
#KraftyCooking Introduction Video
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We'll be starting the Live HOA with #KraftyCooking  Chefs in about 45 minutes……

We'll be starting the Live HOA with #KraftyCooking  Chefs in about 45 minutes… hope to see you there! Click the banner or the title link to get to the show area.

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This coming Wednesday, join us for the #KraftyCooking Live HOA. This is a follow up to our blog post http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/use-google-hangouts-krafty-cooking/ which contains video interviews of all the chefs on the panel. We’ll be talking about how these Chefs have used Hangouts and Hangouts on Air along with their culinary skills to help people learn the joys of cooking.

The event info above shows your local time, but as a reference we start at 1pm EST (New York) on 8-Jan-2014.

We will likely go into some behind the scenes stories as well as how they incorporate some of their own childhood food experiences into their online cooking endeavors. All tied into how they have been Krafty in their Cooking showmanship!

Please invite others to this event to watch and interact with the live show or to view afterwards and help us spread the word on how Google Plus and #KraftyCooking ideas are an incredible combination.

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All 5 video interviews from our #KraftyCooking  Chefs in a playlist

All 5 video interviews from our #KraftyCooking  Chefs in a playlist
These are the 5 video interviews of the Chefs that use Hangouts and HOA to do their Cooking and Demonstration shows online.

Check them out here from within the video playlist or see them within the blog post: http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/use-google-hangouts-krafty-cooking/

All 5 Chefs will be part of the Live HOA today at 1pm EST… find you way to that here: http://goo.gl/8aBcQV

The Featured HOA Chefs are:
+Chef Dennis Littley +Jake Croston +Giselle Achecar +Jenni Field & +Larry Fournillier 
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#KraftyCooking   #HOAusage   #CookingHOA  

#KraftyCooking HOA Chef Interviews – all 5 in a handy playlist
Each of these accomplished Chefs have run multiple KraftyCooking shows using Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. Check out the interviews to see what they experience has been like and learn from some of their secrets how to run an engaging and helpful Cooking Show or Demonstration using Hangouts. Hint: You’ve gotta get Krafty at times to make it all work out!

Join us today in the #KraftyCooking campaign on Google+

Join us today in the #KraftyCooking campaign on Google+
Post some of your childhood memories re. Mac and Cheese or similar with the hashtag #KraftyCooking … how have you spiced things up over the years?

You can participate in the live HOA event today at 1pm EST here: http://goo.gl/8aBcQV (add photos there, or on your own)… and check out some video interviews with Chefs that have done many HOA Cooking shows where they had to get Krafty in their Cooking ideas re. here http://goo.gl/v3ksyf 

Today's the day to get Krafty with your Cooking ideas and make some noise about it on Google+… just doing a little bit will help us prove that Google+ has impact when we all work together!

Thanks for being part of it!
Here is a video trailer in case you see this after the event:
#KraftyCooking Introduction Video
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#KraftyCooking   #GooglePlusMarketing   #CookingHOA  

Check out the cool video trailer +TheCraftStar.com made for their HOA

Check out the cool video trailer +TheCraftStar.com made for their HOA

These guys are Hangout Mastery members and they are just about to start up a new HOA series… this is the video trailer which is pretty awesome. The HOA event is starting in 30 min. and can be found here: http://goo.gl/xNE3r3

How Chefs & Hangouts go together with  #KraftyCooking shows

How Chefs & Hangouts go together with  #KraftyCooking shows
Check out the video interviews included with 5 of your favorite Chefs as part of the blog post linked below:

See How Chefs Have Used Google Hangouts to get Krafty with their Cooking

We interview 5 Chefs that have used Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to run Cooking Shows/Demonstrations. It is one way for you to have your own cooking show (or a show of any other kind) using the magical communication tool Google Plus offers us: Hangouts!

The Chefs Interviewed are: +Chef Dennis Littley +Jake Croston +Larry Fournillier +Giselle Achecar & +Jenni Field 

We'll have a reunion of sorts with all the Chefs featured here on Wed. 8-Jan, 2014 so look for that Live HOA as well.
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Just an FYI if you are having difficulty with HOA right now

UPDATE.. the issue is resolved.
As of 1:30pm MST the folks at YouTube say that the issues have been resolved, all Live Events functioning normally now.

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Now – Emergency Maintenance
Some YouTube Live events and Google Hangouts are not able to be created or started at this time.  Already-started live events are not impacted. 
Our engineers are working on it right now. We cannot provide an estimated resolution time at the moment, but we'll keep you informed.


New or need an update to understand Google Plus? Great Place to Start

He has done it again… updated info as of Jan. 2014
+martin shervington has done a masterful job explaining the ins and outs of using Google Plus well. This blog post referenced below is one you will want to come back to over and over to check in on using all the various components of Google Plus well.

As they say across the pond, this is Brilliant! Good Job presenting such massive amounts of information in a very digestible fashion.

Bookmark this one!
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A New and Complete User Guide to Google+ (5 NEW VIDEOS and BLOG)
Just about everything you need to know about using Google+.
#googleplus   #googleplustips     #socialmedia  

Google Plus For Business and Individuals – Plus Your Business
If you are looking for Google Plus for Business then you’ve found it! This is a complete user guide as you will find on Google+, with videos and blog.

What are Google Plus Circles… basic explainer video by Google

This short video (2 min & 20 sec.) explains the purpose of circles and how they can work together or separately for you to control who sees what you post… this is one of the most powerful parts of Google Plus and this little explainer video does a good job explaining the concept. Please share it with those that are new or need a refresher on how circles work.

What are circles?
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